Success Stories

The whole staff is extremely friendly.. Doctor and nurses are very caring and takes the time to explain things to you and answer your questions.

Dr. Adam C. Updegraff, is amazing! I have suffered with Chronic Idiopathic Urcartia (Hives) for over 1 1/2 years and no medical professional could tell me what it was. Within 5 minutes, Dr. Updegraff told me what it was and launched into a treatment plan that has given the relief and peace of mind that I have not had literally for months & months. The staff is courteous and helpful. I highly reccommend CC Allergy Associates for all your allergy needs.

Dr. Adam Updergraff is just wonderful, he is sincere and very helpful. He treats my husband and myself and we couldn’t be more pleased not only with him but the whole staff.

Amazing staff! Great doctors who really take the time to listen to their patients.

Excellent care is always given! On schedule all the time. Any question you might have are answered in layman’s terms. He even writes out his instructions so you don’t confused when you get home! And yes, you writes incredibly clealy! Dr. Updegraff is gentle, kind and humorous.